…in april 2019, more than 12,100 people searched for ‘electrician near me’ and 2,900 people searched for ‘decorator near me’* on Google?

Your business provides services or products to local people and you need to be optimised to show on Google and Bing business listings. If you’re not, your competitors will be. Our low cost, fixed fee local search engine optimisation service can help you get the exposure you need.

So what are local search
engine business listings?

Both Google and Bing supply free business listings on their respective search engines. The Bing version is called ‘Bing Places For Business’ and Google’s service is called ‘Google My Business’ but both are essentially free directory listings which display key information about your company including images, location, opening times, services available and customer reviews. Here’s our Google listing:


When you search for a service, like ‘marketing company near me’, Google and Bing will show you a list of local businesses which it sees as the closest match to your requirements at the top of the search page. This section of listings is called the ‘local pack’ and consists of three to five businesses depending on whether you are searching on a mobile or desktop device. Let’s quickly look at both Bing and Google business listings:




What is ‘Bing Places for Business’ and how can it help my business?


Lots of businesses disregard Bing as a source of customers. While Google is the number one search engine in the world, Bing still accounts for around 10% of searches in the UK.

Interestingly the demographics of Bing users in the UK shows that they are typically older (45+), more likely to be married and have a higher than average household income. These stats will make Bing a perfect advertising platform for local businesses offering home-owner maintenance services such as electricians, builders, carpenters and gardeners.

Other industry sectors that appeal to this demographic include employment or career services, finance & insurance, clothing and online shopping.

If your product or service is targeted at the more mature end of the market, with higher disposable income, then it is highly likely that you would benefit from exploring Bing as a channel to promote your business.

What is 'Google My Business' and how can it help me?

Google is the big daddy of search engines, with over 2 trillion searches per year. But did you know that 46% of all those searches are people looking for local information?

People who search for local businesses are in the buying phase, with 76% of people who conduct a local search go on to visit or contact that business within 24 hours. (Stats from Hubspot).

There are several great aspects of marketing with Google My Business listings. Firstly, the listing is completely free to set up and appear above all other organic search results. So your business has a real chance to appear above national competitors when searched for by local people.


Images can be uploaded and you can show potential customers your products, place of work and create trust between your business and the potential customer. If your business involves food you can show your best dishes or restaurant interior, tradespeople can show off recent work, the list is endless.

Potential customers can click links to call you directly from the listing, they can visit your website for more information and recently options have been added to make appointments and add offers and discounts making this a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Sounds good, but Why do i need your local business search optimisation package?

In all honesty, you can get set up on Google and Bing for free without us, but you’ll have to set aside a couple of days to do it properly, do you have the time to take away from your business to do that? Also, with more and more local businesses getting wise to this quick and free way to market businesses locally, there are a whole bunch of tricks we have to get your listing in the best position possible. For example, have you heard of N.A.P?

N.A.P is short for Name, Address and Phone and these details are really important to keep consistent everywhere you have them online. These three details are double checked across websites, directories and social media by Google and Bing and are used to reinforce and confirm your business location.

With our local business search optimisation package we will check across the web for all your existing NAP citations and make sure they all match up. This is just one of the many aspects to our package!

The full local search engine optimisation package includes:

  • Set Up

    Set up and configure Google and Bing Business Listings for your business. We check and upload images and logos in the correct formats, write your business descriptions to incorporate search terms and complete all the information you need to have the best possible listing.

  • Optimise

    your Business information for the searches you need to appear for. We use our search engine marketing tools to pinpoint the keywords and categories you need to incorporate in your listing.

  • Citation Building

    Submit your business to over 40 local and national directories to increase your search visibility. Reinforce your locality by checking your Name, Address and Phone details match across the web.

  • Reviews

    Set up a short and easy link for customers to send to your customers to get reviews.

  • Boost Your Exposure

    All new customers get £30 worth of free google and bing advertising to boost your business on local searches and get ahead of your competition.


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